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Geese In Flight

This morning's flock of geese in flight gives me relief to know that they are returning. For years the geese have not flown overhead, until I heard them this week, a few times. Reassuring, today I heard the honking at daybreak; yesterday in the afternoon.

On this day when a friend is not improving in an oncology unit in Jerusalem, I send the strength of the birds to Yoram ben Bella Miriam, and wish him a Refuah Shleymah.  - Joy Krauthammer

Joy Krauthammer  © 
Geese in Flight

Waiting for the sun
looking toward the Old City
Honks I hear.
To catch the flock
I turn West
then quickly return
to face East
and the rising sun.
Mizrach of Glory.

-  Joy Krauthammer

Baruch Dayan HaEmet
only days later, Yoram left us on Shabbat, surrounded by family
and was buried the next day on Purim.

Febrary 23, 2013 ~ 13 Adar 5773
~ ~ ~

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