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Joy Serves G*d in Joy as a passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, publicist, sound healer, spiritual guide, artist, gardener and Gemini. "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" -Psalm 100:2 ....... Joy Krauthammer, active in the Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and neo-Chasidic worlds for over three decades, kabbalistically leads Jewish women's life-cycle rituals. ... Workshops, and Bands are available for all Shuls, Sisterhoods, Rosh Chodeshes, Retreats, Concerts, Conferences & Festivals. ... My kavanah/intention is that my creative expressive gifts are inspirational, uplifting and joyous. In gratitude, I love doing mitzvot/good deeds, and connecting people in joy. In the zechut/merit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I mamash love to help make our universe a smaller world, one REVEALING more spiritual consciousness, connection, compassion, and chesed/lovingkindness; to make visible the Face of the Divine... VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE and enjoy all offerings.... For BOOKINGS write: joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com, leave a COMMENT below, or call me. ... "Don't Postpone Joy" bear photo montage by Joy. Click to enlarge. BlesSings, Joy

JOY'S POEMS ... "You G*d are the Compassion, the Strength, the Beauty, the Victory, the Splendor, and the Foundation of everything in Heaven and on Earth." (1 Chronicles 1:29) ... I see Your Face in All Nature that I photograph. ... ... http://joys-poems.blogspot.com/ . . . Click "Older Posts" on lower right of each post page for MORE earlier posted stories and art.

Glory and Joy

Glory and Joy

Sunrise, Joy's Garden, looking East
© Joy Krauthammer 


- Joy Krauthammer

Swath of saturated orange color
brushed high in the sky 
and spread strangely across.
I call my 90 year old neighbor
to share this divine delight
knowing she is up early 
and her daughter is away. 
As sun rises with my call
I won't awaken daughter.

This morning Edith calls me back 
tells me that the quiet color of pink 
although pale, covered in light fog
is surprisingly seen in the west,
"but not like yesterday's colors"
(that I missed while asleep…)
she reminds me.

Edith and I share passion
for G*d's early morning palette,
and brush strokes in the western winds.

When color is high in the sky
I call and alert Edith
her view misses the low eastern horizon.
What fun to share the Glory and joy
between Edith and me.

Last night we immersed ourselves 
in stunning narrow striations of illuminated orange,
deep blue and fuchsia with hues of purple
repeated intense color bands in the sky
across entire western horizon.
For a better view I drove toward the mountain.

Flaming colors felt like my long cotton scarf
I wore as I rode a camel
in wind-blown desert sands of blazing Moroccan Sahara.
Was easy to crawl out
from my tiny tent,
speechless, in awe, alone
to view these comparable colors of pure joy.

Sahara sand dunes and Santa Suzana Mountains
appear similar against the painted night and morning skies.


Sunset looking west towards Santa Suzana Mountains
© Joy Krauthammer

Sahara Desert Sunrise
As I peek out of my tiny tent
with my camel parked nearby.
 © Joy Krauthammer   1997

Moroccan prose

Clouds' Crayon Box

Clouds' Crayon Box

- Joy Krauthammer © 

This morning's magnificent markings of Presence
huge clouds, 
whispers of white fluffs,
overlaid with thin brush marks of translucent black
sun painting radiant white on edges
only as I have seen
from the Masters in the museums.
Sky blue depth of field
wakes up daybreak's display
offering visions of mighty mountains.
Horizon's frame of slender salmon hues
continues committed during this exhibition.

Not enough film in camera
to capture this beauty
my eyes behold
as I hear the birds singing, a symphony
an overlay, a separate track
on this magical marvelous miracle.

Two winged ones--birds fly higher than I've ever seen
feathered creatures that bring me joy.
It's not the Endeavor, paired, crossing the skies
as the space shuttle did this week
with the world watching for its landing.                                       
Time for a new day, one of hope.
The Creative One uses today for canvas, the entire sky
creates a canopy that does not stay still,
endless creations silently travel.

Radiance beaming
beckoning me to give gratitude
and in wonder, photograph, paint, write,
feel in my heart hope, that
peace in our universe…
gathers in like nets in the ocean, bringing us
to see
what can be… .

My 90 year-old friend calls
breaking the silence of speech
shares with me
the awesome orange colors
she saw in the clouds.
She witnessed
the Divine One's sky of dawn.

Chanting passionate prayers for peace
in the early hours,
I missed the orange.
I was too late today
for G*d's colorful crayon box.


I was so immersed in the beauty of the morning gift and then writing that I did not photograph this sunrise, but enjoy others seen in my site: