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Cymbaling in Pool

- Joy Krauthammer

On the full moon day,
I swam                
away from the rising sun               .
   silently with my cymbals
from the floor of the pool.

in joy I played
each secret stroke,
raising higher
grain sieves, 
ancient frame drums, 
voice of the goddess!

mythic Cybele:
Great Mother goddess

Another round-trip,
between my worlds
reflect above and below;
I swim east
to repeat the
sacred path,
then west
for the rhythmic rite.

Cymbals crashing
awaken Divine joy;
I hear Psalm 150 singing.
((((  ))))

consciousness of divinity
with sacred ritual
purification in the waters.

My shadow,
in the water:
the image,
arms outstretched
my hands hold -- cymbals
I clash them together
each stroke, slowly
from lower left and right
circling up from my sides,
high over my head.
((((  ))))

Can you hear it?
The musical beat
as both sides meet
in shadowed reflection. 

Around again,
more determined,
each lap in the pool,
each stroke
pushing the whorls, 
whirls, swirls of water.
Cymbals clash.
((((  ))))         

Powerful spiritual woman, 
Miriyahm the Prophetess,
timbrel player
striking cymbals
carried beyond the waters.
Marking the pulse of life.
Freedom! Hope!

Leading women:
dancers and drummers
in Divine ecstasy.

I with waves of vibration,
in excitement and glee,
The Source of All Blessings.

With my reflection
I'm alone
in the silence 
of my meditation.

Joy cymbaling self-portrait 
© Joy Krauthammer

Timbrals, Cymbals
water color
© Joy Krauthammer

~ ~ ~ 

Swimming deeper into each form, I began to assimilate the energy of the sacred as mine.
My swimming is a consciousness transforming practice. It is my meditation.
The light of the sun physically and mystically brought to consciousness the aweness of my sacred rite of prayer, my song, which is my rhythmic drumming on frame drum. - Joy Krauthammer

Disclaimer: I recognize goddess as that which was worshipped in ancient times, and even the feminine within myself, but not G*D of my people. - Joy


Cybele known as the goddess, 'Great Mother" in Asia Minor, Greece and Italy.
Cybele known in Babylonia and Syria as Astarte or Ishtar.

"Cybele has frequently been depicted holding a frame drum, which she was known to play. It is considered to be one of her most important symbols, and it is believed to represent the moon. A famous picture exists, showing Cybele holding a frame drum in her left hand, painted red, while in her right hand she holds a lotus bowl, from which a liquid is pouring forth.The lotus bowl, also known as the patera, is believed to represent the great cosmic vulva, from which the water of life continuously pours forth. Many different liquids have been used to represent the water of life, including honey, wine, milk and even blood. Ishtar, an aspect of Cybele, has also been depicted pouring the water of life, as it flowed endlessly, from a jug."



Layne Redmond said...

Beautiful, great!!!!
Layne Redmond

Rina Daly said...

Blessed sister of Joy

Thank you for taking Jony and I on your magical water journey,
Awakening the divine with each stroke.

Anchoring wisdom, joy and love
with each ((((Gong))))
Much Love,
Rina and Jony

Rena said...

Tue, 02 Nov 2004
Your poem is wonderful, I can feel myself floating with the pool and the cymbals and the symbols.

Leslie said...

Really, really honored to share in this intimate experience,

Marcia Cohn Spiegel said...

Dear Joy,
At first reading I love the poem and wouldn't change it.
(((( )))) the repetition made it stronger until I could almost hear the cymbals.
It's quite an image.
I am so happy to know that you are still being creative in this way.
Love, Marty

Suzanne Roth said...

It's wonderful.
Perform it, when you perform your drums.
It was wonderful to talk with you yesterday.
Thank you for sharing your revelatory poem.
Love and health,