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Joy Serves G*d in Joy as a passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, publicist, sound healer, spiritual guide, artist, gardener and Gemini. "Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" -Psalm 100:2 ....... Joy Krauthammer, active in the Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and neo-Chasidic worlds for over three decades, kabbalistically leads Jewish women's life-cycle rituals. ... Workshops, and Bands are available for all Shuls, Sisterhoods, Rosh Chodeshes, Retreats, Concerts, Conferences & Festivals. ... My kavanah/intention is that my creative expressive gifts are inspirational, uplifting and joyous. In gratitude, I love doing mitzvot/good deeds, and connecting people in joy. In the zechut/merit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, I mamash love to help make our universe a smaller world, one REVEALING more spiritual consciousness, connection, compassion, and chesed/lovingkindness; to make visible the Face of the Divine... VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE and enjoy all offerings.... For BOOKINGS write: joyofwisdom1 at gmail.com, leave a COMMENT below, or call me. ... "Don't Postpone Joy" bear photo montage by Joy. Click to enlarge. BlesSings, Joy

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Ruthie Fogelman teaches Joy to Tie Tichels
Old City, Jerusalem, October 1997

Ten Years Later ~ Tichel Tying
  dedicated to Ruthie in the Old City

- Joy Krauthammer

How your "purple friend," me, laughed with glee
as you taught me to tie and wrap
pretty colorful tichels / scarves
around my uncovered head
and not just wear any old shmatah.
So I could be tzniut / modest
because then-- I was a "married woman"
in the Holy Land.

Transformed, I turned into a hip, tichel-tied modest woman
by my friend Ruthie in the Old City.
Looking "single" with uncovered head,
and my then dark wavy hair framing my face,
not today's silver locks,
I did not desire
Israeli men's reputed advances.
I would look married!
Now I am advised that I have become "single."
I won't use the "w" word
(sounds like a red-belly black spider).
"In transition" sounds good.
Studying Torah hours a day,
"married to G*d," is what I safely say
when questioned
about my marital status.
I'm not ready to play.
I need to return for another lesson,
"Return to the Land of My Soul,"
as my Rebbes Shlomo and David sang,
both of blessed memory.
But, oh, I am no longer married.
I still cover my head in shul,
so will take from you,
my friend, my holy purple-loving soul sister, Ruthie,
another tichel teaching
with multi-layers and creative hippie fringe,
and keep uplifted, to the top of my head,
my kedusha / holiness
as I did when
we first tied tichels
exactly ten years ago.

   ~ ~ ~

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